The BAFTA SHORTS 2013 in cinemas nationwide from today 12 April 2013 - Review

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BAFTA SHORTS 2013In cinemas nationwide from today is the BAFTA SHORTS 2013 selection. A feature-length (105 minutes) compilation of 7 short live action and animated films from the EE British Academy Film Awards that will be touring the UK and showing at select cinemas.

After watching the 105 minute compilation I can highly recommend that you try get into a screening of the BAFTA SHORTS 2013 showcase as it is a chance to see stunning early work from filmmakers that will surely be the stars of tomorrow, given the high quality of the these 7 shorts.

 photo BAFTA-2013-Shorts-Poster.jpg
BAFTA 2013 Shorts Poster (Click to enlarge)
It is easy to see why each of the shorts selected -

Here To Fall by Kris Kelly and Evelyn McGrath,
The Curse by Fyzal Boulifa and Gavin Humphries,
Tumult by Jonnie Barrington and Rhianna Andrews,
I’m Fine, Thanks by Eamonn O’Neill ,
The Making Of Longbird by Will Anderson and Ainslie Henderson,
Good Night by Muriel d'Ansembourg and Eva Sigurdardottir
Swimmer by Lynne Ramsay, Peter Carlton and Diarmid Scrimshaw

Were chosen, as every one of them is incredibly imaginative in addressing a broad range of themes and issues across the spectrum of human interest, as well as represents a quality of work worthy of BAFTA recognition - belying the often ignored short film format and the relative newcomer status of some of these talented filmmakers.

Video: BAFTA Shorts 2013 Trailer

I was hoping to review each short and get a bit up about each of them, but too be honest they are so varied and address so many different ideas - to try put my take on each of them would do a disservice to some of them. It would be hard to pick a favourite from the 7 shorts as each is engaging and brings its own special cinema magic to the screen that will either captivate, shock, sweep you away, amuse & entertain or have you on the edge of your seat.

Some of the standouts for me were: Muriel d'Ansembourg and Eva Sigurdardottir's eye opening Good Night which flirted with a palpable sense of dread and grittiness, Jonnie Barrington and Rhianna Andrews's darkly comic fantasy TumultEamonn O'Neill's conceptually mind blowing I’m Fine, ThanksWill Anderson's absolutely superb The Making Of Longbird, Fyzal Boulifa's sad The Curse and Film Director Lynne Ramsay's astoundingly beautiful and poetic The Swimmer.

But really there is something for everyone whether you prefer technical proficiency or to be immersed in an engaging narrative.

The BAFTA SHORTS 2013 will be showing in cinemas across the UK from today Friday 12 April. For full  screening dates and venues head to:,2338,BA.html

BAFTA and Independent Cinema Office present the BAFTA SHORTS 2013. A feature-length selection of short live action and animated films from the EE British Academy Film Awards

 photo 2013-BAFTA-Shorts-Here-to-Fall.jpg
2013 BAFTA Shorts Kris Kelly's Here to Fall (Click to enlarge)
Dir: Kris Kelly | Ireland | UK | 2012 | 6mins
When a girl receives a call from her father she is set on a frantic journey through a chaotic world.

Video: HERE TO FALL - Teaser Trailer

Kris Kelly on Twitter:
More about Here To Fall here: oe here:

 photo 2013-BAFTA-Shorts-The-Curse.jpg
2013 BAFTA Shorts Fyzal Boulifa's The Curse (Click to enlarge)
Dir: Fyzal Boulifa | UK | Morocco | 2012 | 16mins
Fatine has ventured far from the village to meet her older lover. When she is caught by a small boy, all she wants to do is go home.

Fyzal Boulifa on Twitter:
More about The Curse here:

 photo 2013-BAFTA-Shorts-Tumult-1.jpg
 2013 BAFTA Shorts Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson as Chief in Johnny Barrington's Tumult (Click to enlarge)
Dir: Johnny Barrington | UK | 2011 | 13mins
A tribe of Norse warriors traipse across a barren land after battle. Bloodied and wounded, their chief is near death. He is about to hand over power to his son when an army of a completely different kind descends upon them.

Video: Johnny Barrington Tumult Teaser

Johnny Barrington on Vimeo:

 photo 2013-BAFTA-Shorts-Im-Fine-Thanks-1.jpg
2013 BAFTA Shorts Eamonn O'Neill's I'm Fine Thanks (Click to enlarge) 
Dir: Eamonn O'Neill | Ireland | UK | 2012 | 5mins
I’m fine thanks. How are you? The story of a young man struggling with the inadequacies of his day to day life.

Video:I'M FINE THANKS - trailer

I'M FINE THANKS - trailer from eamonn o neill on Vimeo.

Eamonn O'Neill on Twitter:
More about I’m fine thanks here : or here:

 photo 2013-BAFTA-Shorts-the-making-of-longbird.jpg
2013 BAFTA Shorts Will Anderson's The Making of Longbird (Click to enlarge) 
Dir: Will Anderson | UK | 2011 | 15mins
Inspired by animation pioneer Vladislav Aleksandrovich Feltov's 1911 Russian classic Long Bird, a budding animator attempts to make its mysteriously long character relevant in the modern world. The film is an amalgamation of 'fact' and 'fiction' between animator and animation.

More about The Making Of Longbird here:

Video: Video: The Making Of Longbird // Teaser Trailer

The Making Of Longbird // Teaser Trailer from Will Anderson on Vimeo.

Will Anderson on Twitter:
More about I’m fine thanks here : or here:

 photo 2013-BAFTA-Shorts-Good-Night.jpg
2013 BAFTA Shorts Muriel d'Ansembourg's Good Night (Click to enlarge) 
Dir: Muriel d'Ansembourg |UK | 2012 | 28mins
Rachel and Chloe are done with being naive 14-year-olds. They head into town on a secret night out, dressed way beyond their years and oozing a sexuality they barely own. The boundaries between innocent play and dangerous seduction start to blur.

Video: Good Night Trailer

Muriel d'Ansembourg on Twitter:
More about Good Night here: or here:

 photo 2013-BAFTA-Shorts-The-Swimmer.jpg
2013 BAFTA Shorts  Lynne Ramsay's The Swimmer (Click to enlarge)
SWIMMER (BAFTA Award Winner)
Dir: Lynne Ramsay | UK | 2012 | 16mins
The film enters the mind of an endurance swimmer on a journey through Britain's waterways, using sound and images to penetrate his thoughts, feelings, dreams, nightmares, memories, escape.

Video: Swimmer a film by Lynne Ramsay excerpt

BAFTA’s Short Film and Short Animation categories celebrate and reward innovative and accomplished short fiction films and animations.

For blogs from the nominated filmmakers as well as a range of tools for emerging filmmakers, go to BAFTA’s online channel, BAFTA Guru, at

The BAFTA SHORTS 2013 in cinemas nationwide from 12th APRIL 2013 - ICA Cinema, London and nationwide

For up to date info, screening locations & dates head over to:,2338,BA.html


The current schedule for the BAFTA SHORTS 2013 is:

Wed 1 - Thu 2 May 2013

National Media Museum
Mon 22 April 2013
Sun 28 April 2013
Thu 2 May 2013

Sun 21 April 2013

Chipping Norton
Chipping Norton Theatre
Wed 22 May 2013

Dundee Contemporary Arts Cinema
Thu 25 April 2013

Tue 7 May - Thu 9 May 2013

Farnham Maltings Bridge Square
Tue 7 May 2013

Glasgow Film Theatre
Sun 21 April 2013

Eden Court Theatre
Sat 18 - Sun 19 May 2013

Phoenix Square
Thu 2 May 2013

Riverside Studios
Thu 2 May 2013

Fri 12 - Thu 18 April 2013

Greenwich Picturehouse
Sun 21 April 2013

Sydenham Film Club
Thu 4 July 2013

Norden Farm Centre for the Arts
Sun 16 June 2013

Fuse Film Festival Manchester
Sun 12 May 2013

Milton Keynes
Independent Cinema MK
Fri 19 April 2013

Cinema City
Sun 28 April 2013

Broadway Cinema & Media Centre
Fri 19 - Thu 25 April 2013

Ultimate Picture Palace
Sat 25 May 2013
Tue 28 May 2013

Stockton on Tees
Mon 13 May 2013

Tunbridge Wells
Trinity Theatre & Art Centre
Wed 12 June 2013


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