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21-and-over-reviewDid I ever tell you about the time I was invited to Jeff Chang's Birthday Party? It seems like months since I saw 21 & Over or 21 and Over as it is known in the UK and I don't remember much about the night I saw it.

Thinking back all I can really remember is that it all started with a facebook invite to Jeff Chang's 21st Birthday. Nice touch and amongst the best invites I have ever received for a screening.

photo: 21-and-Over-Jeff-Chang's-Birthday
21 and Over Jeff Chang's Birthday Party
This invite has only beaten by seriously fancy gold inlaid invites and the Looper screening invite also from the team over at Entertainment One - look the invite was mind blowing but in an industry based around entertainment  oddly very little care or attention is placed on the more tactile elements and eOne put some effort into and I for one appreciate it.

This led to possibly one of the best screenings I have ever been to - in theme - with overflowing Pizza tables, beer on tap and drinking games. Yes drinking games like beer pong. Outstanding! It was like my college years all over again.

But the good times didn't stop there as 21 and Over had me chuckling the whole way through it.

The Establishing Shot: 21 and OVER UK TRAILER HD - TRAILER HD - 3 MAY 2013

On the eve of a medical school interview that will shape his future, straight-A college student Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) is surprised by his two best friends, slightly square Casey (Skylar Astin) and wild party-loving Miller (Miles Teller), who take him out for a quick beer to celebrate his 21st birthday!

Video: 21 and Over One Beer Clip

What ensues is a night of humiliation, chaos, nudity, arse-branding, guns and utter debauchery that may well change their paths forever.

 photo 21-AND-OVER-DIRECTORS-Scott-Moore-Jon-Lucas.jpg
21 And Over Directors Scott Moore & Jon Lucas
21 and Over is the directorial debut from the writers of The Hangover - Jon Lucas and Scott Moore comes the uni based coming of age tale as we follow the high school friends reunited to celebrate Jeff Chang's 21st Birthday and after some egging they release a sleeping beast in Jeff Chan.

The Establishing Shot: 21 AND OVER - NEW HD CLIP GET DOWN - 3 May 2013

 photo 21-AND-OVER-BEER-PONG-Skylar-Astin-Casey-Miles-Teller.jpg
21 And Over Beer Pong with Skylar Astin as Casey & Miles Teller as Miller

What follows is a hilarious sometimes touching descent into near clinical madness, over 24 hours as events rapidly spiral out of control. Leaving Casey (Skylar Astin) and Miller (Miles Teller) to get Jeff to an interview for Medical School his overbearing father Dr. Chang (Francois Chau), has managed to set up for him. Only they don't know where Jeff Chan lives and they end up on a wild goose chase. Along the way things slowly fall apart between the trio as secrets are revealed and they rediscover themselves as well as each other.

 photo 21-AND-OVER-Miles-Teller-Justin-Chon-Jeff-ChangSkylar-Astin-Casey.jpg
 Photo 21 And Over Miles Teller as Miller,  Justin Chon as Jeff Chang & Skylar Astin as Casey
There isn't much about 21 and Over that is new, but like The Hangover Jon Lucas and Scott Moore manage to put a fresh spin on the night of control tale. Keeping the story constantly surprising with its twists & turns and the pace high with dynamic editing and quick fire wit (sometimes mostly politically incorrect, crude and definitely red-band) that had me laughing the whole way through. It is all new fast humour with some great throwbacks to the staple of 80s college films.

 photo 21-AND-OVER-Russell-Hodgkinson-The-Chief.jpg
21 And Over Russell Hodgkinson as The Chief
All credit to Lucas and Moore for bringing in a cast that compliments the material as well as each other making the characters and personalities engaging throughout the romp. Including the trio; Miles Teller, Skylar Astin, Justin Chon Sarah Wright as a possible romantic interest and the hilarious Dustin Ybarra as PJ Brill or The Towermaster.

Video: 21 and Over Movie CLIP - Tower Of Power (2013) - Miles Teller, Justin Chon Movie HD

 photo 21-AND-OVER-Skylar-Astin-Casey-Sarah-Wright-Nicole.jpg
21 And Over Skylar Astin as Casey & Sarah Wright as Nicole

The set ups are quick and very often hit the mark making 21 and Over an entertaining albeit throwaway start to an evening out.

 photo 21-and-over-Film-poster.jpg
21 and over Film poster (Click to enlarge)

21 and Over is in cinemas from today 3 May 2013  
When Straight-A college student Jeff Chang's two best friends take him out for his 21st birthday on the night before an important medical school interview, what was supposed to be a quick beer becomes a night of humiliation, over indulgence and utter debauchery. 

Directors: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Writers: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Stars: Miles Teller,Skylar Astin, Justin Chon, Sarah Wright


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