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Snake's Back! John Carpenter's Escape from L.A. Arrives On 4K Ultra HD For The First Time February 21
Snake's Back! John Carpenter's Escape from L.A. Arrives On 4K Ultra HD For The First Time February 21

It's no secret that I am a fan of John Carpenter. He writes, he takes photographs, he directs, he edits, he produces, he makes music - he's like a modern Renaissance man.

I have a deep fondness for a number of his earlier masterpieces particularly: Assault on Precinct 13, Escape from New York and The Thing. The understated significance of his first feature film made while a student - the wacky, Dark Star cannot be ignored. Without it, the landscape of Science Fiction on screen would be very different and we may never have heard of Dan O'Bannon which in turn means this timeline would never have had: Alien, Total Recall, Jodorowsky's Dune (oh! scratch that one) or Blue Thunder. Yea! I know it's very niche but it's an underrated masterpiece.

A couple of years ago when John Carpenter Classics got their 4K Restorations I was fortunate to see Escape From New York on the big screen again and was blown away all over again by Carpenter's dark vision of a world gone wrong and Kurt Russell's living embodiment of Snake Plisskin a man or rather shark thrown back into the water.

I am not the biggest fan of the sequel to Escape From New York - John Carpenter's 1996 Escape From L.A. it always seemed like a bit of a wasted opportunity to explore the dystopian world created in Escape From New York as well as further the adventures of one of cinemas greatest anti-heroes Colonel Robert (call him, Snake) Plissken. In a bit of a rarity, to keep things fresh with Escape From L.ACarpenter doesn't tread the same path as Snake's first outing and goes in a very different direction, the execution is however very typical of Hollywood 80s excess. But some Snake is better than no Snake, it also has a ton of over the top action scenes and a catalogue of cult favourite cameos but most notably it has become eerily prophetic.

The events portrayed in Escape from L.A. may have taken place almost a decade ago but John Carpenter's Escape from L.A. submarines onto 4K Ultra HD™ For The First Time this February 21.

Escape From L.A. Poster
Escape From L.A. Poster

Kurt Russell Stars in the Action-Packed Sequel JOHN CARPENTER’S ESCAPE FROM L.A., Debuting on 4K Ultra HD™ on February 21, 2022

Snake Plissken is back in the high-octane thrill-ride JOHN CARPENTER’S ESCAPE FROM L.A., arriving on 4K Ultra HD™ for the first time ever February 21, 2022 from Paramount Home Entertainment. The 4K Ultra HD™ version debuts in a Limited Edition set that includes the 4K UHD™ and Blu-ray™ of the film, 2 stickers, 5 art cards and a double-sided poster.

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Released in 1996, JOHN CARPENTER’S ESCAPE FROM L.A. was the highly anticipated follow up to the fan-favorite hit Escape from New York. Kurt Russell returns as anti-hero Snake Plissken, who is called upon to save the world from a doomsday device after a 9.6 quake levels most of Los Angeles.

Experience every outrageous and eye-popping moment of the post-apocalyptic classic in stunning 4K Ultra HD™, including Snake surfing Wilshire Blvd., shooting hoops at the Coliseum, and dive bombing the Happy Kingdom theme park. The film also features a wild assortment of friends, fiends and foes from a supporting cast that includes Steve Buscemi, Peter Fonda, Pam Grier, Stacy Keach, Cliff Robertson and Bruce Campbell.

The 4K Ultra HD™ + Blu-ray™ Limited Edition set includes 2 stickers, 5 art cards and a double-sided poster.

In addition to the 4K Ultra HD™ + Blu-ray™ Limited Edition set, Paramount Home Entertainment will be releasing a 4K UHD™ on March 21. Both 4K Ultra HD™ releases feature exceptional picture quality with Dolby Vision and 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio.