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Craft street food burger 'The Patate’ opens two restaurants in Clerkenwell and Seven-Dials

Thursday, April 28, 2022 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

Craft street food burger The Patate opens two restaurants in Clerkenwell and Seven-Dials
The Patate opens two restaurants in Clerkenwell and Seven-Dials

Everyone knows I relish a good burger (and even some bad ones). Once I even embarked on a foolhardy expedition of London burger spots seeking the best burger in London.

This mission, although never completed satisfactorily did leave me with a list that over time became an ongoing project of my favourite burger spots. As consistency is the holy grail of delivering a tasty snack, by rotating through the list I give my taste buds an optimal chance of success.

Hence I am always on the lookout for new spots to add to my list so when I received the heads up on The Patate delivering a fusion of Classing French Cuisine and Modern Street Food from 2 new bricks and mortar spots, my interest was certainly piqued and a visit will be necessary.

The Patate delivers an exquisite looking burger
The Patate delivers an exquisite looking burger

CRAFT, SLOW-STEWED BEEF burgers will be yours for the taking after street food THE PATATE have now secured their bricks-and-mortar venues in Clerkenwell and Seven-Dials.

With Clerkenwell already open and Seven-Dials opening from April 27th, the restaurants will offer Londoners the ultimate comfort food with a modern twist.

Paul-Henry De Vassoigne and Eatventure’s Jacob Young has continued to build upon their beautifully decadent, herb-filled bourguignon patties smothered in a choice of different cheeses and a special, signature sauce and sandwiched inside a warm, brioche bun.

The Patate has built an army of loyal followers over the years at its previous Camden Market, West India Quay and Victoria Park Market pop-up locations and will now be offering an extended menu at their two locations in central London, whilst continuing to serve North Londoner’s from their delivery kitchen in Kentish Town.

The Patate had one mission: How can you take a delicious, slow-stewed beef and make it compatible with the fast paced, modern-world; edible on the move and affordable? Months of increasingly tasty research followed until they had created the perfect modern take on a classic French dish; beef bourguignon.

Described by Time Out as ‘Luscious as a velvet smoking jacket’, the Beef Bourguignon Burger has become a firm favourite of diners hunting for a cure for their guele de bois (that’s a hangover, to you and me) or a weekend treat.

And now, its loyal fan-base will be able to enjoy the dish in a cosy restaurant overlooked by an open kitchen - and safe from the British weather and swooping seagulls of London’s market stalls.

The Patate Cheese burger

For those not ready to delve straight into a belly-filling slow-stewed burger, the menu will offer Loaded Fries (otherwise known as Poutine) a serving of grilled beef and jus, French fries and your choice of cheese.

For a brand built on a meat offering, The Patate will cater surprisingly well for vegetarians, too. On the menu will be The Cheese Toastie, with your choice of cheese in a toasted brioche bun; the luxurious Mushroom Toastie, featuring grilled mushrooms with your choice of the available four cheeses and truffle honey in a brioche bun and their new addition of Salad Bowls (featuring fresh rocket, roasted Butternut Squash and pickled vegetables).

All feature the secret Patate sauce and diners will always have the option to choose from a cheese selection including Raclette de Savoie, Fourme d'Ambert (traditional French blue cheese), Applewood Smoked Cheddar or a plain Cheddar.

Sides include straight-up, hand-cut fries (available with a side of Jus), Side mashed potatoes amongst a whole array of sauces to complete your meal.

But what about those of us with a sweet tooth? Well, you will be pleased to know they have not left us out and now include three mouth-watering desserts, all completely homemade. Save some room for their Gluten-Free Almond Flour Brownies; Basque style cheesecake (Baked cheesecake) and French style Apple Cake with optional salted caramel sauce.

The Patate Clerkenwell
The Patate Clerkenwell

Paul-Henry says: "We can’t believe how far we have come since we first started in Camden in 2015. We’re very excited to open two central locations and expand The Patate family!"

More information:

The Patate Clerkenwell is located at 59-61 Rosebery Ave, London EC1R 4SD

The Patate Seven Dials opens today 28th April at 55 Neal Street WC2H 9PJ