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French Film Festival UK 2022 starts next week across the UK

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French Film Festival UK 2022 starts next week across the UK
 French Film Festival UK 2022 starts next week across the UK

The 30th-anniversary edition of the pioneering French Film Festival UK launches next week from 2 November to 15 December in 40 venues UK-wide and at home in partnership with Curzon. With 62 films screening from Edinburgh to London, this is the only French and francophone film festival in the UK.

With a strong focus on female filmmakers special guests include: Charlotte Gainsbourg and Blandine Lenoir. Veteran director Patrice Leconte will also be attending.

It looks like there are some terrific mix of new and classic films on show at the festival including: Full Time / À Plein Temps, The Passengers of the Night, The Best Years of a Life / Les Plus Belles Années d'une Vie, Maigret, Jane by Charlotte, Rodeo, Madame Bovary, Paris 13th District / Les Olympiades, Paris 13e, Between Two Worlds / Ouistreham, Everything Went Fine / Tout s'est bien passé, Both Sides of the Blade / Avec amour et acharnement.
Maigret - Gérard Depardieu is Jules Maigret

    Maigret - Gérard Depardieu is Jules Maigret

As well as some fantastic talent being represented like: Laure Calamy, Jean Louis Trintignant, Claude Lelouche, Finnegan Oldfield, Romain Duris, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin, Lola Quivoron, Claude Chabrol, Isabelle Huppert, Jacques Audiard, Juliette Binoche, François Ozon, Sophie Marceau, Claire Denis, Vincent Lindon,Gérard DepardieuTahar Rahim.

  Video: Official Trailer - French Film Festival UK 2022                

Screening across the nations, the event is the only francophone film festival in the UK and showcases a glittering, stimulating, and at times challenging array of films in cinemas and online via Curzon’s streaming platform, Curzon at Home.

Beginning in 1992 in Glasgow and Edinburgh, the Festival has grown exponentially in scope and stature, retaining its passion for exciting new cinematic voices.

This year’s Opening Gala is director Eric Gravel’s propulsive new drama Full Time (À Plein Temps) starring actor Laure Calamy (Call My Agent) who plays young mother Julie, battling a national transit strike to get to a potentially life-changing job interview. Eric Gravel will introduce the film in London ahead of its wider release through Parkland in February 2023.

  Video: Full Time / À plein temps (2022) - Trailer (English subs)    

Also attending the Festival is Charlotte Gainsbourg who will introduce, and take part in a Q&A at the screening of Mikhaël Hers’s stunning drama The Passengers of the Night (Les Passagers de la nuit). Charlotte’s documentary Jane by Charlotte, an intimate portrait of her mother Jane Birkin, will also be shown as part of the Festival.

    Video: The Passengers of the Night - Official Trailer                

In honour of acting royalty Jean Louis Trintignant, who passed away in June, there will be a Tribute screening of Claude Lelouche's The Best Years of a Life (Les Plus Belles Années d'une Vie).


There will be special screenings of Final Cut (Coupez), which opened the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. Filmmaker Patrice Leconte will present the UK premiere of Maigret starring Gérard Depardieu as novelist George Simenon’s iconic detective in Edinburgh and London. Filmmaker Blandine Lenoir will also present her feminist drama Angry Annie.

  Video: Final Cut (2022) - Official Trailer                

  Video: MAIGRET - Official Trailer (2022) - A film by Patrice Leconte    

  Video: ANNIE COLÈRE - Bande-annonce                

Belgian directors Yves Hint and Jean Libon’s will introduce their whodunit mockumentary A Fistful of Fries (Poulet Frites).

  Video: For a Fistful of Fries Trailer                

The burgeoning Festival’s Schools and Learning programmes which attracted a total of 75 schools and reached over 5000 students in 2021, is set to break records this year. The programme involves screenings in cinemas and free shows in the classroom.

The Femmes First strand shines a spotlight on a century of French and francophone women filmmakers, and films focused around contemporary women’s issues.. The strand includes short films by pioneer Alice Guy-Blaché, widely considered the first narrative filmmaker back in the 1890s. Charlotte Gainsbourg turns the camera on her mother Jane Birkin in Jane by Charlotte - an intimate portrait. Also featured two winners from the Cannes 2022: Rodeo by Lola Quivoron and Moroccan director Maryam Touzani’s The Blue Caftan.

  Video: Jane by Charlotte - Official Trailer (2022) Charlotte Gainsbourg                

  Video: RODEO un film de Lola Quivoron                

Panorama features new and recent works by acclaimed filmmakers, including François Ozon, Arnaud Desplechin, Fred Cavayé, Quentin Dupieux and Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne.

  Video: Children of Paradise - U.S. Re-Release Trailer                

Among the Classics titles is Children of Paradise acclaimed “the greatest French film of all time”. Harking back to the Festival’s origins, Isabelle Huppert stars as Madame Bovary shown at the first Festival in 1992.

  Video: Madame Bovary Trailer                

Extras showcases recent films audiences may have missed. Discovery celebrates first and second-time directors. More new talents feature in the Shorts programme.

The following new and recent titles will also be available to stream via Curzon at Home:

Paris 13th District (Dir. Jacques Audiard)

  Video: Paris, 13th District / Les Olympiades (2021) - Trailer (English subs)                
Casablanca Beats (Dir. Nabil Ayouch)

  Video: Casablanca Beats / Haut et fort (2021) - Trailer (English subs)                

Between Two Worlds (Dir. Emmanuel Carrère)

  Video: BETWEEN TWO WORLDS [OUISTREHAM] Trailer                

Everything Went Fine (Dir. François Ozon)

  Video: EVERYTHING WENT FINE (2021) - François Ozon, Sophie Marceau - HD Trailer - English Subtitles                

Both Sides of the Blade (Dir. Claire Denis)

  Video: BOTH SIDES OF THE BLADE | Official UK trailer [HD]                

French Film Festival UK 2022
French Film Festival UK 2022

French Film Festival UK 2022

Beginning in 1992, the festival has grown to encompass locations from Inverness to Plymouth by way of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham, Chichester and London. A typical Festival screens in large and small venues in more than 35 UK towns and cities. Additional venues have come on board as we celebrate our 30th anniversary.

The selections showcase a broad spectrum of French language cinema, from major hits to creations by cutting edge directors as well as workshops, school screenings, competitions, and Q&A sessions with filmmakers and actors.

2 November - 15 December 2022

Venues across the UK