The Establishing Shot: Kapow! Comic Con Day 2:2/4 The Millarworld Panel

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

Kapow! Comic ConLast Sunday was Day 2 of Kapow! Comic Con. Day 1 was flashy and full of big names and announcements and it looked like day 2 was going to be just as good but I was hoping not as full - with all the fair weather comic aficionado having their full of flash on Day 1.

I did feel a little regret about spending the day indoors as it was an absolutely beautiful day in London, as I made my way to the Angel Business Design Centre in Islington home of Kapow! Comic Con 2011.

As I made my way up the drive way to be greeted by a huge Green Lantern facade and if Kapow! had put this much thought and effort into the rest of the convention I knew I was in for a good day.
I head upstairs and immediately get a birds eye view of the whole centre - it’s big, there is lots to see and as it’s still fairly early not too packed yet. Below me is The IGN Arena comprised of the IGN panels and interviews stage, in front of it various sofas and viewing areas, on the right gaming set ups. Behind it filling the hall comics, graphic novels, paraphernalia, memorabilia and artists stands. As well as auditoriums and screening rooms which I couldn’t see from my view point.

While I was surveying the scene I noticed a young cosplay guy ironing out some wrinkles with his suit. I have to admire these Cosplay guys and the effort they make. They really do add to the atmosphere and it's just so cool to be in environment where people can show their passion so openly. I asked if he minded if I take a photo of him and he said of course yes but just wanted to get his suit ready first. I waited a little while but had to move on after a bit as time was ticking by.

I was keen to head down to the gaming set ups to demo some of the new games but one of the reasons I was at Kapow! Was about to start - The Millarworld Panel.

Kapow! Comic Con Day 2 Sunday - Millarworld Panel
Millarworld is the creator owned publishing title that Mark Millar set up in 2004. And this was a unique opportunity to listen to some of the hottest talent in comics right now talk about what’s coming up soon in Millarworld. I joined the queue and after a short wait we headed into the Gallery Hall for the Millarworld panel.

Have to say it was quite a thrill to be in the presence of so much talent in one session. Unfortunately the original host of the panel was unlikely to see the light of day this early, after the evening before - so Mark Millar manned up as he does and hosted the panel himself.

Millar introduced us to the panel; Co-Millarworld creators John Romita Jr, Dave Gibbons, Leinil Francis Yu, Frank Quietly and special guests Ian Churchill, Jock and Andy Diggle.
Ian Churchill
Amongst others: Supergirl, Uncanny X-Men, Deadpool, Cable, Coven, Lionheart, Titans, Hulk, Marineman, etc.

Leinil Francis Yu
Amongst others: Superior, Death of Spider-Man, X-Men, Captain America

Amongst others: 2000 AD, Judge Dredd, The Losers, Green Arrow: Year One, Hellblazer, Batwoman, Batman

Andy Diggle
Amongst others: former editor of 2000 AD, Losers, Swamp Thing, Hellblazer, Adam Strange, Silent Dragon, Thunderbolts, Daredevil

Mark Millar
Amongst others: Kick Ass, Civil War, Wolverine Old Man Logan, Superman: Red Son

Dave Gibbons
Amongst others: Watchmen, Rogue Trooper, Green Lantern

John Romita Jr
Amongst others: Kick-Ass, Uncanny X-Men, Amazing Spiderman

Frank Quietly
Amongst others: New X-Men, WE3, All-Star Superman, Batman and Robin, The Authority
Millarworld’s 5 big announcements from Kapow! Comic Con

Millarworld Panel introductions and first 3 big a

1. Hit-Girl
After brief introductions Millar starts strong with a crowd pleaser and announces an upcoming spin off from Kick-Ass.

The Little Bitch is Back - Hit-Girl by Mark Millar & Leandro Fernandez is expected to hit shelves at the end of Summer around September or so.

2. Supercrooks
The next announcement was Supercrooks from Mark Millar & Leinil Yu. A bunch of American super villains tired of getting busted by Super Heroes make their way to the relatively lawless Spanish Island of Tenerife.

It’s Oceans 11 meets the X-Men when they try pull of the biggest heist ever.

Expected to be released towards the end of 2011.

3. EPIC super hero story for Image
Mark Millar & Frank Quietly are >working on a “big” title for Image which he couldn’t really discuss as yet.

It is expected to be a huge 12 issue Super hero story, inspired by a huge superhero crossover, but would feature all-new characters.

Work begins at the beginning of 2012

4. Snapshot
The Losers team Andy Diggle and Jock are collaborating on a story called Snapshot that they have been talking about for 5 years. Diggle was originally going to do it as a screenplay but over some drinks in the pub Jock told him he would love to draw it so Snapshot was born.

A 4 part Hitchcokian mini-series about a kid who works in a comic shop in San Francisco finds an iPhone lying in a park. He takes it home and discovers a set of photos that are an assassin’s proof of kill photos. And he wants his phone back.

It will probably be published in Rebellion’s Judge Dredd Megazine first.

5. Real world spy tale
Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons are currently working on a real world take on the spy genre that would deconstruct the genre in the same way Kick-Ass had done to the Super hero genre. Kick-Ass Producer and Director Matthew Vaughn is also involved in the development of the concept. Which is interesting as Matthew Vaughn was vying to direct James Bond’s Casino Royale at one point and put considerable effort into developing a story so his efforts would not have gone to waste.

He couldn’t say much more as they still have to legally lock down the comics title. He said that he expects to be able to announce the title of the comic in the next few weeks.

The story aimed to be released at the end of the year, 2011.

Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons on working together

Mark Millar on the possibility of his various Millarworld titles crossing over

I left the Millarworld Panel a little earlier than I would have liked but I was hoping to catch a bit of the Momentum Pictures Showcase happening next door in the auditorium. Before that though I thought I would take a wander around the main hall and get a feel for Kapow! As it was much fuller by now.