The Establishing Shot: SLINGERS Poster

Saturday, January 30, 2010 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

Take a measure of Oceans 11, a dollop of Firefly, a pinch of The A-Team top up with a twizzle of high adventure and you'll get SLINGERS.

Not to be mistaken for the Marvel Comics Super hero team! Slingers actually gets "its name from a group of people thrown together on board an experimental spacecraft that is capable of Slinging itself to any point in space. In theory it’s the only craft capable of getting home. In reality the crew are using it to carry out a series of high tech heists and get even with those who are now exploiting their positions in the post war hierarchy - from the Sleepydog Productions website

Slingers is set in the year 2263 A.D., following mankind’s first interplanetary war. Humanity is now clustered into a finite, but still vast section of the universe known as Enclosed Space. Humanity won the war with an aggressive alien enemy, but at a cost. The way back to Earth is now cut off by an impassable barrier – a side effect of the blast that finally pushed the enemy back.
Slingers is the brainchild of writer Mike Atherton and being produced by London based Sleepydog Productions. A little while back they released the Slingers teaser clip directed by Steve Barron. The clip was made for industry promotion but has subsequently blazed it's way across the Internet.

From what I can make out the clip shows Sean Pertwee (Soldier, Event Horizon, Equilibrium, Dog Soldiers, Mutant Chronicles, Doomsday) as Colonel Hall, who once wronged pursues the crew across the galaxy to retrieve the Slinger ship. Adrian Bower as Dominic ‘DM’ Monroe, a special ops war veteran that is the head of the crew. DM's 2ic is Frank a war buddy played by Tom Mison and he's a little gung ho. Haruka Abe is Marti and possibly the Slingers ship pilot.

Whoa! Scratch that Margo Stilley (9 Songs, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People) is Jeannie the holographic pilot of the ship. Two main 2000AD references I can see in the clip - are the characters Junior the glowing green (Hammerstein'ish) robot and GUN the handheld weapon that has a mind of it's own similar to Gunnar from Rogue Trooper.
Looks like filming is kicking off early this year so a couple of full episodes can be expected soon hopefully.

Fan made poster for Slingers

Mike Atherton writer of Slingers can be found here on Twitter @sizemore and his blog is !

Toby Moores Producer of Slingers can be found on Twitter here @sleepydog and Sleepy Dog productions can be found here!

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