Gangsters, Sneak peek at Noel Clarke's heist film

Friday, February 19, 2010 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

Noel Clarke, last years BAFTA 'Rising Star' leaked an UNOFFICIAL trailer for his new heist film This follows on from the success of his directorial debut, Adulthood the sequel to Kidulthood which he wrote and starred in.

Information is still sketchy at the moment while is still in post production but early hints are that is an "unconventional heist movie based on the four different lives of four different girls, all somehow linked to the robbery".

This early cut trailer looks pretty good and has a real "Go" feel to it. Which I loved! Seems that Clarke is heading towards international cross over stardom with . Just look at the cast he pulled together on this.
4 Girls, 3 Days, 2 Cities, 1 Chance.....

The cast includes; Emma Roberts (Nancy Drew); Tamsin Egerton (St. Trinian’s); Ophelia Lovibond (London Boulevard) and Adulthood co-star Shanika Warren Markland. As well as turns by Rosanna Arquette, Michelle Ryan, Mandy Patinkin and Sean Pertwee.

For more info follow writer/director Noel Clarke on Twitter @NoelClarke and Stars Emma Roberts @RobertsEmma and Adam Deacon @realadamdeacon