Scott Pilgrim trailer breakdown

Sunday, March 28, 2010 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

If like me you have not read Scott Pilgrim vs. the World yet and are now unsure of reading the comic or seeing the film first. The dilemma being a bit like Doc Brown's time paradox: if you read the comic first - will the film will be a known quantity and will have to work harder to keep you entertained and interested? Will the film have to live up to the comic? Will you be disappointed if it fails? But if you see the film first will you miss vital insight into the mythology as well as possible in-jokes?

As with Kick-Ass, of which I had only read the first issue of the series. I have decided to see Scott Pilgrim the film first and then read the comic. This will allow me to enjoy the film unencumbered by preconceived expectations. If you disagree do let me know.

With that in mind I found The Gamervision breakdown below really handy; it gives a 101 on Scott Pilgrim, some comparisons between the Comic & the trailer and unfortunatley some possible spoilers.

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Scott Pilgrim trailer breakdown