Sci-Fi-London screens Cargo at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Thursday, May 20, 2010 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

Vast, cold, dark and silent: a planetarium show followed by a free screening of Cargo.

Come to the Royal Observatory, Greenwich and enjoy this unique planetarium show exploring just how forbidding space really is. Find out how our descendants might overcome the challenges presented by the sheer scale of the universe, reaching cosmic destinations favoured in science fiction.

After the show there is another chance to see the Sci-Fi London festival closing night movie, Cargo. Join the crew of the Kassandra on an 8-year journey to Station 42 in the darkly atmospheric Swiss cult sci-fi movie.

From the SCI-FI-LONDON website:
Earth can no longer safely support life so most of the planet’s inhabitants now live in space on massively overcrowded space stations. Humanity’s only hope to escape from the chaos is Rher, a paradise-planet five light-years from Earth.

Kassandra, a rusty spacefreighter is on its way to Station 42, with young medic Laura left in charge of the ship while the rest of the crew lies in cryogenic hibernation. With four months still left on her shift, Laura patrols the ship but starts to get the feeling that she is not alone. Her exploration of the dark, ice-cold cargo hold ends in catastrophe. The rest of the crew is awakened, and a cat and mouse game begins in which nothing is what it seems. What lies hidden in the strange freight containers and who, or what, is also on-board?

This continues the long tradition of scary monsters in the confined quarters of a spacecraft that started before Alien and has continued up to the recent Pandorum, with this Swiss movie adding the darker sensibilities of European indie cinema that Hollywood invariably glosses over.

Sci-Fi-London screens Cargo at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich

The Royal Observatory
8 Park Row, Greenwich, London SE10 9NG

6:30pm, Sat 22 May, 2010

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