Hidden sub-plots in Star Wars by Dustin Diehl

Friday, February 18, 2011 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

Hidden sub-plots in Star WarsDustin Diehl loves Star Wars and the huge expanded universe that has stemmed from the original Star Wars Trilogy.
In his Ignite You'll Never Watch Star Wars The Same Way Again talk, he explains a few hidden subplots that might bring new life to your next viewing experience. Covering:
1. The Rebel Alliance Symbol - it's origins and Darth Vader's apprentice Starkiller
2. Operation Skyhook - Han Solo's ex-girlfriend and how Greedo bore the brunt of his anger. And what happens to Greedo after Han Solo shot first.
3. How Boba Fett saved the universe from IG-88 and how it was saved again when the 2nd Death Star was blown up.
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Hidden sub-plots in Star Wars by Dustin Diehl