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Shortcutz London Short film competition and free screenings

Friday, February 18, 2011 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

Shortcutz LondonShortcutz London is a weekly event bring filmmakers together at The Proud Gallery in Camden. Held every Sunday it provides a revolutionary way to experience new short films.

As the world’s only year-round event of its kind, it promotes close interaction with creative and technical teams, and the audience. Three short films, always presented by their creators and production team, will be screened every week. Two of these films will be entered into the ‘Best Short of the Month’ competition. The monthly winners are then entered for the ‘Best Short of the Year’. A guest professional will also attend to share their opinions and experience, and to stimulate discussion.

The jury is a true mix of contemporary opinion formers: professionals from cinema to music, producers to journalists, mainstream to avant-garde. Some will be familiar faces to help the public connect and identify with the project.

“We will promote the screening of films, discussion, advertising and interaction between producers, creators, technicians, opinion formers, future film and video-makers, as well as film fans,” enthuses Shortcutz’ Creative and Executive Director, Rui de Brito. “Following success in Lisbon we are really excited about bringing this project to London, and also to Madrid and New York.”

Each film will have a strong relevance to the UK, have been produced in the UK within the last 12 months, and be no longer than 15 minutes. The ‘Best Short of the Month’ will be shown by Shortcutz London’s official television channel and the overall winner can send a team member to present their film in other cities around the world.

Directors, screenwriters, producers, actors, young technicians and established professionals all use short film to learn, experiment or increase their knowledge. “The world is facing the next big artistic, economic and social revolution and the young creative minds of our cities will be in the front line,” says Shortcutz’ Rui de Brito. “We will give support and incentive to this creative generation who will share with us their experiences and ideas, uniting the city in one exciting movement of creativity and hope for the future!”

This Sunday's (20th February 2011) offering is:

7.30pm - Special Guest: Valentina Monti!!!
Valentina Monti is an award winning documentary director. Her films have been shown in international film festivals and broadcast on TV channels. Girls on the Air, her latest film, was shortlisted for Best Mid-Length documentary at IDFA 2009 (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam).

Valentina Monti's Girls on the air Trailer
Girls on the air Trailer

Girls on the air - Twenty-five-year-old Humaira lived through the Taliban regime, but she now puts on lipstick for the camera, full of self-confidence. She studied journalism and started her own radio station, Radio Sahar, back in 2003. It becomes clear how much has changed since the fall of the Taliban when we see a group of female journalists interviewing people at the fair, their djellabas flapping in the wind.

8.00pm - Competition Short 1: Seconds Out – By John Hill Daniel (Followed by Q&A)

8:20pm - Competition Short 2: Forget Me Not – By Lottie Kingslake (Followed by Q&A)

8:40. Interval: Shortcutz Sound Selectors!!!

9:00. Guest Short Film: A Case Of You by Jack Davies (Followed by Q&A)

Shortcutz London
A Case Of You - John lives in a world of lost love, where memories of Emily are more resilient than the present… A bravura piece of film-making shot in one fluid take, A Case of You is a deeply ambiguous film with a powerful emotional undercurrent.

Shortcutz London Short film competition and free screenings

Proud Camden, The Horse Hospital, The Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AH

Evey Sunday 7:30pm - 10:30pm

More info on screenings and how to enter:
Head over at the Shortcutz London website