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The Establishing Shot: Kapow! Comic Con Day 2:4/4 Best of the rest

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

Kapow Comic ConWe continued on our roam of Kapow! Popping into various stalls. Making our way through the main hall, down to the IGN Arena and back up past the signing tables and Artist Alley. Sunlight streaming through the sky lights making Kapow! the only naturally lit event of this kind I have been to.

Kapow! Had an impressive spectrum of comic representation covering high brow, trash, English, European, American - actually pretty much almost every nation, big name publishers, independents as well as some own published gems.

We made our way around the hall chatting comics, film and art with the various booth owners, accosting Cos players for photos as well as staring at comic legends at the signing tables.

Amongst the many well known talent signings there were young up and comers presenting their portfolios in hopes of getting some constructive feedback or being snapped up by a publishing house. There was a really good showing from genres and titles across the board.

Walking through the maze of stalls being distracted by many shiny objects of desire I came across the Electric Man booth. I remember picking up a brochure or booklet for Electric Man a little while ago, either at a comic shop or another comic event, but couldn't remember any details. Anyway Electric Man is Scotland's first comedy, superhero film and is described as The Maltese Falcon meets Clerks.
Electric Man Movie cover of issue No. 1

I was immediately intrigued by the great visuals being flashed on one of their monitors - unfortunately this is not publicly available yet. Which is a shame as it was pretty awesome.

The guys at the booth were kind enough to give me one of their 20 page Special Collectors Edition Electric Man booklets, which I only found out later are actually being sold to help fund the Electric Man film. So thanks Electric Man team. I appreciate it. I have to say the booklet is pretty impressive - it introduces the story of Electric Man.

Electric Man is a film about a couple of comic lovers who stumble across the most valuable comic in the world just as they have run into financial difficulties. At first it seems to be the answer to their prayers but then a few other people come looking for it and everything goes a bit haywire. It’s funny, it’s moving, it’s a great story and we made it on a micro-budget.

Gotham has Batman, Metropolis has Superman, Edinburgh... not so much.

But that's about to change.

Murder, mystery, romance, comedy... safety goggles. Jazz and wolf go through it all. You'd think that would be enough...

And then the 'real' Electric Man shows up...

Sparks will fly.
It introduces us to the characters of Electric Man and it gives a fictional timeline of the Electric Man comic. The Timeline stretches from the first issue of Electric Man in 1937 through to the present day and gives an engaging fictional account of the history of the Electric Man comic. At the same time it gives insight into the team behind Electric Man. They really understand comics and its mythology.

The timeline is spot on it taps into the zeitgeist of comic fans through the ages and really gives credible background to the non existent Electric Man comic. The timeline is supported by some great “period” artwork capturing various periods.

Including this great piece below Electric Man vs The Nazis. This is the 3D version converted by Andrew Murchie.

Finally there is a mini origin story of Electric Man. And I have to say I would be more than happy to purchase an Electric Man comic on the basis of the 8 page mini story. Both the artwork & story have a great retro feel to it.

If the guys behind Electric Man can carry the promise and understanding displayed in the promotional bits into the Electric Man film it’s going to be really good and I for one are already looking forward to it. C’mon Electric Man team, get a great trailer or some visuals online already ;)

Both Toby Manley (who plays Jazz) and gorgeous Emily Lockwood (Victoria) were at the Electric Man booth signing & chatting with early fans who have seen Electric Man’s potential. And fans aren’t the only people to see it’s early potential as writers Scott Mackay & David Barras have been nominated for a 2011 BAFTA for it.

It was great to see a local “small” film initiative operation being represented alongside big names.
Electric Man is an independent comedy drama set in the world of comics and the people who love and collect them. Principal photography took place in and around Edinburgh in September/October 2010 and the film is being prepped for a 2011 release. If you would like to get involved or contribute financially please visit our support page or check out our production blog to read the latest news.
Electric Man
Director: David Barras
Stars: Toby Manley, Jennifer Ewing, Mark Mckirdy, Mark Mcdonnell, Emily Lockwood, Andre Vincent

Electric Man – Expected Release date – TBC 2011
By now we had also missed the BBC Three Panel: Being Human and the Ubisoft Child OF Eden Presentation which was apparently astounding.

Whilst on our meander ninja wanted to pop by Writer Dan Willett and Artist Daniel Lish’s booth. dan&dan were at Kapow! With Cartigan: Monster Hunter - Book One. Dan Lish’s artwork was absolutely stunning and the level of detail something to behold. Immediately reminiscent of Conan, The Jungle Book and Slaine.

Cartigan: Monster Hunter or Cartigan will be published by Akileos in France shortly, as yet there no confirmation of an English publisher as yet.

Cartigan Book One Cover Copyright © dan&dan. All rights reserved.

What is Cartigan about? From Dan Lish’s website:
Monster Hunter Cartigan continues the lineage of the classic quest concept prevalent in many tales of heroic fantasy. Whilst adhering to tried and tested formulae, Monster Hunter Cartigan builds on its fantasy foundation and approaches the genre from a fresh perspective.

Monster Hunter Cartigan’s story is split between two separate time lines. The present, chronicling the time of young Cartigan, and the past; detailing the background stories told through flashbacks by core character’s in Monster Hunter Cartigan.

Cartigan Book One Copyright © dan&dan. All rights reserved.

The last remnants of mankind are forced to unite in an effort to defeat a living portal linked to another world likened to purgatory.

Santigo is the product of genocide. Born from the bloody remains of a shamanic tribe, he reaps a campaign of revenge upon humanity. Blessed with the ability to hold human form, Santigo walks unnoticed among his prey. The merest interaction with him results in an all consuming plague; its effects resulting in the victim succumbing to unquestioning obedience to Santigo’s every demand.

During the last great war Santigo is defeated by Monster Hunter Cartigan, but not without forfeit. With his dying breath Santigo vows revenge on his opponent.

Twenty years later the curse manifests itself primarily as mental illness & concluding in the full possession of Cartigan. The monster hunter finds himself manifesting into a gateway for the forces of darkness to cross over into the world of man.

Set over a period of twenty days, Monster Hunter Cartigan follows the adventures of Cartigan’s son. The story will concentrate on his attempts at seeking out & recruiting old comrades from Cartigan senior’s war days and his attempt to (hopefully!) become his father’s salvation.
By pure coincidence, the booth next to dan&dan had been taken over by James Morris who had earlier responded to a tweet of mine about Kapow! by saying come visit him at Stand 52. So there I was.

Turns out James Morris has started up Four Bananas Publications and was at Kapow! Promoting his first graphic novel Captain Caned.
Captain Caned is the first graphic novel, written, drawn and self published by James Morris.

It follows a lost 24 hours as four friends meet and decide to have a mooch about town. However even such a simple plan results in a series of unintended consequences and nothing is straight forward... not even a visit to the pub.

Illustrated with original and psychedelic black and white images the story is inspired by amongst others Goscinny and Uderzo, Raymond Chandler and Valesquez.
James was kind enough to let me have a signed copy of Captain Caned to review. As yet I am only half way through but enjoying it. It is a relatively quick read but I like to savour and immersive in my reading material. It follows four friends that reunite and embark on a mind bending trip. Captain Caned is somewhere between the Hangover and Gilbert Shelton’s marvelous Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers set in an unnamed English town drawn in ink. If alternative or experimental literature is your thing pick up a copy of Captain Caned.

Captain Caned can be found at major book sellers or directly from James Morris’ website.

Pretty soon it was time for the Movie X Premiere of Super which I reviewed here!

While we were watching Super we missed both the Marvel: Welcome to the X-Men Panel and the Marvel: The Amazing Spider-Panel.

As the day outside was drawing to a close with a Cosplay Contest on the IGN Stage. Below is a clip of the competition from pixthe8bitboy because these guys put a lot of effort into their outfits and are the fan heroes of Kapow!

Kapow! IGN Cosplay Competition

As we came out of the screening of Super. They let us know that Kapow! Had officially come to an end and asked if we could make our way to the exits. This was a rather abrupt end to Kapow! As I was hoping to roam around a little more. But the sun was shining outside and I knew I would be back for Kapow! Comic Con 2012 which can only be bigger and better.