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The Establishing Shot: Tickets for The Black Diamond now available!

Friday, June 24, 2011 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

the black diamondJuly the 4th 1963. A man is about to give his true love a diamond. Alors! The Thief! The man makes a curse. "Who ever has this diamond" he says "will be betrayed. They will be alone. And even if they sing loud enough so that the Gods hear them. The diamond will always leave them...

So begins Stella Artois' The Black Diamond promising to be a spectacular immersive theater experience taking place in various locations throughout Shoreditch, London.

Stella Artois Black presents ‘The Black Diamond’
A unique immersive cinematic experience

2 lovers. 1 diamond. A thief. A curse.

The Black Diamond trailer

A classic film noir movie coming straight from late night Paris in the 1960s. And you. You are the spectator, but also the actor. Only you will discover the secrets of The Black Diamond.

The Black Diamond continues Stella Artois' 1960s inspired marketing that has also included the interactive theatre experienceThe Night Chauffeur and more recently The King of Cannes.

Stella Artois Black’s campaign builds on the success of last year’s The Night Chauffeur. Filled with alluring characters and one-to-one interactions, The Black Diamond will place audience members at the centre of the performance, involving them in a sophisticated tale of love, desire and deception.

The Black Diamond is a dramatic mix of online experiences and real-life cinema in locations across Shoreditch. Stella Artois Black has commissioned acclaimed immersive theatre specialists, Punchdrunk, to produce the live element of the campaign. The Black Diamond will run from 3rd – 21st July, offering just a few thousand lucky invitees the chance to be part of this unique immersive theatre experience.

The story will develop simultaneously online, giving a new depth to the production and offering an additional interactive perspective for the audience, whether they’ve attended the experience or not.
Punchdrunk are of course the English theatre troop that brought us amongst others the astounding; Faust and The Masque of Red Death and subsequently gone international.

the black diamond
Tickets for The Black Diamond now available!


Locations across Shoreditch, London

3 - 21 July, 2011

For more info,updates and to apply for tickets to experience The Black Diamond:
Head to (The Black Diamond is open to over 18’s only)