The Establishing Shot: Jameson Cult Film Club Season 2011

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Jameson Cult Film ClubNot strictly a film festival the Jameson Cult Film Club runs a highly anticipated season of cult film screenings across the UK. By now you must be aware of JCFC and their screenings. As they put on some of the best immersive film experiences held in London and all for free.
For the uninitiated, Jameson Cult Film Club is all about watching our favourite cult films at spectacular screenings, staged to transport our members into the film’s universe.
Become a member to gain access to our free cult film screenings, as well as to get your hands on film goodies and our latest offers. Cult films inherently spark passion and debate, so start reading and share your thoughts!
To get a flavour for the Jameson Cult Film Club screenings, my write ups of previous Jameson Cult Film Club screenings can be found here:

This years season kicks off with Bryan Singer's brilliant The Usual Suspects, a modern classic as well as a cult favourite being screened in London over 3 nights (5th, 6th, 7th Oct.).

JCFC added additional screenings as the demand for tickets has been high. It looks like tickets are still available for The Usual Suspects on 7 October so head over to to get yours.

The current line-up for the season is:

5th, 6th, 7th Oct - The Usual Suspects - Trinity Buoy Wharf, London
27th Oct - The Birds - St. Pauls Church, Birmingham
29th Oct - The Blair Witch Project - Union Chapel, London
30th Oct - Invasion of the Body Snatchers - Union Chapel, London
16th Nov - Back to the Future - Town Hall, Manchester

Tickets to the Jameson Cult Film Club are usually released about 2 weeks before the screening, to get an early heads up on tickets and screenings, as well as other Jameson related film offers sign up on

Jameson Cult Film Club have put together a video collage of the Jameson Cult Film Club 2010 season which you can see below:

Jameson Cult Film Club screenings - 2010

The Jameson Cult Film Club 2011 season runs from 5 October till 16 Nov at various venues across the UK.

For the full Jameson Cult Film Club season line-up, more information and tickets head over to:

The Establishing Shot: Jameson Cult Film Club Season 2011