The Establishing Shot EXCLUSIVE: See Joachim Back's Extended Trailer for Chivas Regal's Here's to Real Friends short films

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Chivas Regal Here's to Real FriendsChivas Regal the definitive luxury Scotch whisky (and official partner of the Cannes Film Festival) are increasing awareness of their brands social chivalry values with their partnership of the humanitarian Filmaid Partnership founded by Hollywood power players like Robert De NiroSteven Soderbergh, Harvey Weinstein amongst others.

Along with their increased involvement in cinema Chivas Regal have partnered with Academy Award® winning short film-maker Joachim Back to make two cinematic films that focus on the trials, tribulations and idiosyncrasies of modern male friendships. The Chivas team have chosen The Establishing Shot as one of bellwether sites to exclusively release the extended teaser trailer for Chivas Regal's short films; Here’s to Big Bear and Here’s to Twinkle.

*** UPDATE***
Both Joachim Black's Chivas Regal shorts Here's To Big Bear and Here's To Twinkle can now be viewed on The Establishing Shot here: or at

Chivas Regal Here's to Real Friends by Joachim Black

Joachim Black takes the audience through break-ups, breakdowns and good times and brings his trademark comic sensibility to celebrate real friends and the stories that bind them forever.      

The first of Joachim Back's short films for Chivas, the 14 minute long Here’s to Big Bear will be unveiled on this Halloween, October 31. In Here’s to Big Bear we are introduced to  Joe, Sammy, Nicolas and Emilio as they find themselves stranded at a train station in the middle of nowhere after getting off at the wrong stop. Suited, booted and stranded in the desert in black tie, we follow the friends on an interesting journey that finally leads them to an awkward moment with Big Bear…

Chivas Regal Here's to Big Bear by Joachim Black
 In Back's second, 7 minute film Here’s to Twinkle we get to know the 4 friends more intimately as the friends came together to support Sammy during a bad break-up. The group share stories, reflect on the good times and in the end toast the welcomed arrival of Twinkle…

Chivas Regal Here's to Twinkle by Joachim Black
Chivas Regal hopes the films will resonate with
a new breed of gentleman enjoying close-knit friendships with his loyal male friends,
When asked what he tries to convey through his films, Director Joachim Back commented that the focus for the films was friendship and that “If you don’t have a friend – get one!”  

The films form part of Chivas Regal’s ongoing Live with Chivalry campaign which launched in 2008 and encourages men to aspire not just to have more, but to be more. Film and Chivas lovers alike can raise a glass to Big Bear or Twinkle and discover the full story online at from 31 October 2011.

More about on Joachim Back  
 An Oscar winning director, Joachim began his career as a teenager, working as a runner on feature films in his native Denmark. He soon transitioned into different technical positions, such as camera department, lighting department, and even in post-production as an assistant editor. Determined to get behind the camera himself, Joachim borrowed some equipment and began shooting his own commercials and spec projects.

His comic sensibility got him noticed and in 1997 Joachim signed with Copenhagen’s Easy Film for commercial representation. In 2000 a spot he directed for MTV, ‘The Mouth’, was shortlisted for a Gold Lion at Cannes, and in 2001 he and two fellow directors founded the spot shop Bacon. After several very successful years, the team went its separate ways, and Joachim moved to the US where he signed with Park Pictures in 2004.

Joachim has been working non-stop ever since, bringing his unique sense of humor and highly visual storytelling to many films and campaigns.

He helmed the campaign that marked Viagra’s first foray into comedy, which became one of the most decorated campaigns in the industry. That year, Joachim appeared on the Gunn Report as one of the top ten most winning directors in the world. He’s been given top industry honors including ANDY Awards, ADDY Awards, CLIOs, and three Cannes Lions, among many others.

Recently, Joachim directed the short film, The New Tenants. The film won the 2010 Oscar at the 82nd Academy Awards for Best Live Action Short. It has also been an official selection at various film festivals around the world.
Joachim lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two children.

Chivas Regal presents an interview with Joachim Back
Below is a QA with Joachim Black about his shorts Here's to Big Bear and Here's to Twinkle for Chivas Regal. In the QA Joachim discusses his influences (Federico Fellini, Roman Polanski, David Lynch), why he got involved in the Chivas Regal project, how he got started out in film-making, some advice for aspiring filmmakers and his two upcoming films American Doll and Please let me keep my blue eyes. Sounds like we can expect more from Joachim Black soon.

The Establishing Shot EXCLUSIVE: See Joachim Back's Extended Trailer for Chivas Regal's Here's to Real Friends short films

When: Monday, 31 October, 2011
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