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Great Britain represents at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival with Neil Jordan's Byzantium, The Machine, Kiss The Water, A Single Shot & Inside Out: The People’s Art Project & 3 Short Films

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tribeca film festivalRenowned international 2013 Tribeca Film Festival co-founded by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff will take place through April 17 – April 28, this year. Frédéric Boyer, who joined TFF as Artistic Director last year, continued to lead the programming team, working closely with Geoffrey Gilmore, Chief Creative Officer of Tribeca Enterprises; Genna Terranova, Director of Programming; and Programmer Cara Cusumano to curate the feature film line up of the Festival.

Earlier the team announced the second half of its feature film program representing the best in contemporary international film making with 38 countries represented. Of the 6000 films submitted to the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival only 89 features were selected, 5 of those films are rooted within the UK.

tribeca film festival
Tribeca Film Festival April 17 - 28
Kiss The Water
Kiss The Water
Kiss The Water
In a small cottage on the northern coast of Scotland, Megan Boyd twirled tiny bits of feather and fur, silver and gold into fishing flies that were at once works of art, magical - and absolutely lethal. Wherever men and women cast their lines for the mighty Atlantic salmon, her name is whispered in mythic reverence, and stories about her surface and swirl like fairy tales. Kiss The Water is a stunning documentary that spins the facts and fictions of one woman's life and death into a poetic metaphor for our deeper fears and fantasies.

Travel to Scotland’s far northern highlands and explore the life and remarkable influence of Megan Boyd, fishing fly-maker extraordinaire  Self-taught in this enigmatic, artful craft, Boyd became an internationally renowned artisan and supplier to, among others, Prince Charles.

Interviews, animations and images of the stunning Scottish countryside define Eric Steel’s lyrical tale of solitary celebrity and the joy of making your mark, even when it was the last thing you planned to do.

Directed by Eric Steel (USA, U.K.) – World Premiere, Documentary.

A Single Shot film poster
A Single Shot film poster
A Single Shot
The tragic death of a beautiful young girl starts a tense and atmospheric game of cat and mouse between hunter John Moon and the hardened backwater criminals out for his blood.

Video: A Single Shot Clip                                    

A Single Shot brings together a wealth of indie stalwarts, including Sam RockwellWilliam H. MacyMelissa Leo and Jeffrey Wright, to paint a tense portrait of John Moon, a man attempting to win back his estranged family while desperately outrunning an accidental crime.

Director David M. Rosenthal returns to the Festival with this ominously atmospheric and suspenseful backwoods tale of circumstance, based on Matthew F. Jones’s 1996 novel.

Directed by David M. Rosenthal, written by Matthew F. Jones. (U.K., USA, Canada) – North American Premiere, Narrative.

Inside Out: The People’s Art Project Film Poster
Inside Out: The People’s Art Project Film Poster
Inside Out: The People’s Art Project
This fascinating documentary tracks the evolution of the world’s largest participatory art project, the wildly popular “Inside Out.” Travel the globe with French artist JR as he motivates communities to define their most important causes by pasting giant portraits in the street, testing the limits of what they thought possible.

Video: Inside Out Project New Trailer

In capturing the process, Alastair Siddons creates a glowing testament to the power of the image and the role that art can play in transforming lives. In Arabic, Creole, English, French, Spanish with subtitles.

Directed by Alastair Siddons. (France, U.K.) – World Premiere, Documentary.

Byzantium Film Poster
Byzantium Film Poster
Two mysterious women seek refuge in a run-down coastal resort. Clara meets lonely Noel, who provides shelter in his deserted guesthouse, Byzantium. Schoolgirl Eleanor befriends Frank and tells him their lethal secret. They were born 200 years ago and survive on human blood. As knowledge of their secret spreads, their past catches up on them with deathly consequence.

Video: Byzantium - International Trailer

Neil Jordan’s exploration of vampirism began with Interview with the Vampire. Now he returns to this lurid, malevolent realm through Clara (Gemma Arterton) and her daughter Eleanor (Saoirse Ronan). Creatures from Clara’s past come calling, and these immortals are forced to relocate. Dire consequences follow anyway when Eleanor makes a connection with a local boy (Caleb Landry Jones) and slowly reveals the truth of who they are and how they survive. An IFC Films release.

Directed by Neil Jordan, written by Moira Buffini. (U.K., Ireland) – U.S. Premiere, Narrative.

The Machine film poster
The Machine film poster
The Machine
Two computer programmers fall in love as they create the first ever piece of self-aware artificial intelligence, which is designed to help humanity. But things go wrong when the MoD steal their breakthrough and teach it to become a robotic weapon.

Video: THE MACHINE - Clip - Tribeca Film Festival - director Caradog James - Midnight Section

Caradog James adds another layer to the Frankenstein story in the latest gripping sci-fi adventure to come out of the U.K.. Already deep into a second Cold War, Britain’s Ministry of Defence seeks a game-changing weapon.

Programmer Vincent McCarthy unwittingly provides an answer in The Machine, a super-strong human cyborg played by the impressive Caity Lotz (The Pact). When a programming bug causes the prototype to decimate his lab, McCarthy takes his obsessive efforts underground, far away from inquisitive eyes.

Directed and written by Caradog James. (U.K.) –World Premiere, Narrative.

The films will have a North American Premiere in the Viewpoints, Spotlight and Midnight sections of the Festival.

As well as the above 2 feature films and 3 documentaries, 3 short films from the UK will be premièred:

Grace Short Film Poster
Grace Short Film Poster
Set the night a nuclear war breaks out, Grace is a compelling drama of interconnected lives, following a dozen individuals as they experience loss and understanding in the hours before the bombs fall.

Video: Grace Trailer

Grace follows a dozen interconnected lives as they experience loss and understanding in the pivotal hours before a global event occurs.

Directed and written by Keir Burrows, (U.K.), International Premiere - Narrative Program


A Short Film About Guns
A Short Film About Guns Poster
A Short Film About Guns
A Short Film About Guns examines the illegal arms trade across the globe, featuring four experts on arms trafficking who recount their varying first hand experiences with the black market trade in areas of conflict and how the illegal flow of weapons facilitates loss of life and devastation.

Video: What Does a Gun Mean To You? Clip

Directed by Minos Papas, (Cyprus), (U.K.), (USA), World Premiere - Documentary Program

@CyprianFilms |

The Moon Has Its Reasons
A melodrama with an elliptical, poetic narrative that suggests infidelity in a love relationship.

Video: The Moon Has Its Reasons Clip

Directed and written by Lewis Klahr, (U.K.), North American Premiere - Experimental Program.

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